Here is our new demonstration video of the machine “Allover 3”!
– in cooperation with our partner Notcina from USA.

Nagel & Hermann machine “Allover 3”:
– 18 stations for round elements
– camera system for pattern recognition
– fully automatic placement directly on fabric up to 18 different elements
– works over hours without operating staff

Take a look on our new demonstration video from our machine “La Perla”!
– in cooperation with our partner Notcina from USA.

Nagel & Hermann machine “La Perla”:
– manual machine to apply fullpearls directly on textiles
– production of more than 2.000 elements per hour
– works with sizes of fullpearls from 4 mm to 10 mm

New N&H machine LIBERO RS
– here you can find the demonstration video in cooperation with our partner Notcina from USA.

Nagel & Hermann machine LIBERO RS
– machine for transfer motifs
– up to 7.500 elements per hour
– processes up to 6 different round elements with sizes from 2 mm to 8 mm
– works without compressed air – only electrical connection
– flexible design creation



We are pleased to announce that Nagel & Hermann meets the highest standards of Swarovski and has therefore been certified as a
“SWAROVSKI Authorized Application Center”. This certificate offers superior application expertise with respect to Hot-Fix Application – Transfer Making.

This Authorized Application Center offers you:
– Extensive knowledge and competence in applying Swarovski crystals.
– Quality standards sufficient to fullfill the highest international standards.
– Fine selection of Swarovski crystals.

We would like to thank Swarovski for a very good, sustainable business relationship!


Here the first new video in cooperation with our partner Notcina!

Nagel & Hermann machine Libero C4
– endless production is possible
– up to 7.000 components per hour
– works over hours without operating staff
– flexible design creation

New videos from our machines

In November 2016 our agents from America visited us to make new videos and photos of our machines. In the new year these will be published and there will be additional interviews in which technical questions regarding the machines will be answered.
We can be excited, the pleasant anticipation of these videos is very big!

A big thanks goes to Andrea and Michael from our partner Notcina, who visited us for 10 days to collect the material for these recordings.

Please click on the pictures to see them in the best resolution!

Phil Millar of Creative Apparel Ltd with an interesting report about our strass machines in  “Images Magazine”. Thank you so much, Phil!


Many thanks for your visit at our booth at Munich Fabric Start AW 17/18!

Please click on the image preview to see the ideal resolution of the images. Thank you!




We are happy to present our new foils:

reflective and glowing in the dark film.

Of course it’s possible to set individual custom motifs with these foils. Please click to the photos to see the special effects.
We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries!



We are pleased to release our new product in cooperation with ZSK Machinesembroidery sequins with applied strass stones.

ZSK provides the station for the machines and we provide the banding refined with rhinestones. The bandings are available in various colors.

Please have a look on the pictures below. If you have further questions please contact
We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries!


Thank you very much for your visit at Munich Fabric Start in Febuary 2016!

Please click on the image preview to see the ideal resolution of the images. Thank you!