Textile refinement

Textile finishing / wagework

All kinds of applications on textiles

  • Handling of cuttings and prefabricated textiles
  • Handling of stockings/hosery
  • Printing of textiles
  • problem-solve of all kinds

We offer you

  • Process technologies

Motif applications, individual applications, screen printing , Air brush, embossed printing, claw-nailheads, allover applications, … all kinds of applications on textiles!

  • Editing options

Cuttings, tailored parts, thin fabrics, thick fabrics, knitwear, stockings, denim fabrics, leather, …!

  • Your advantage

Nagel & Hermann has years and years of experience in processing of textiles. It is not always easy to implement the wishes of designers in the practice, but we can work out. We guarantee the best possible method for your goods, right up to  the development of special devices to a rational and therefore cost-effective processing to achieve.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly in all matters. We are sure to find a solution to your problem!