With the mentioned articles, which are distributed by Nagel & Hermann, you can create your design and combine all offered articles. Rhinestones from various qualities, halfbeads, alu rivets (studs), Rhinestuds, film foil sequins, prints on transfer base, textil-prints from beads on transfer base, flock transfer.
All these articles are HF (HotFix) articles, i.e. the back side is coated with glue, which melts by a temperature of approx. 120 ° C and fixes the applications (stones, nailheads,…) on the textile material (or the underlying material) genuine and steady.

Motive components

On a transparent transferfoil, which is coated with silicon, the elements get positioned. The finished motive is covered by a thin protection-foil, which has to be removed to press the transfer onto the fabric.

Processing example











Because of the variety of possibilities we kindly ask you to contact our staff members for inquiries with several shapes to find the fastest and most favorable solution for your design.

Ironing and washing guide


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